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Conditions of Use

Hello, and Thank you for visiting DaphneDresses.com. The following are the terms of use for anyone who chooses to visit or shop at DaphneDresses.com. If you are visiting the site, that means you have chosen to accept the terms and conditions that follow. Please take the time to read through them before taking part in any activity on the site.


Please refer to the Privacy Notice link at the bottom of our website in order to better understand our practices. DaphneDresses.com is dedicated to the privacy and protection of each and every individual who visits our site.

License and Site Access

When using the DaphneDresses.com website you are granted a limited access in order to personalize your shopping experience. However, the access is limited and any efforts to download or modify any portion of the website is forbidden. This license also excludes any renting or resale of the sites contents including products, prices, product descriptions, or anything of that particular nature. Any replica or recreation of DaphneDresses.com is prohibited including trademark, logo or site personalized information unless written consent is received from DaphneDresses.com. A limited nonexclusive right to create a link to our homepage or other pages is granted, however can be revoked at any time if used improperly. The use of the DaphneDresses.com graphics or logo may not be included as part of the link unless written permission is given.

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In registering to have a personal account with us, it is solely your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account username and password combinations, as well as those who you share your information with, and who is granted personal computer access. Because of these strict terms it is also your responsibility to accept all actions that take place within your individual account.

Product Descriptions

DaphneDresses.com considers itself to have superlative descriptions of merchandise. The descriptions are based on personal expertise and knowledge of the industry combined with information given to us from the product manufacturers and dress designers. Purchasing a product based on its description is solely up to your discretion. We suggest that when purchasing you choose the product of your choice based on the description as well as the images of the product itself.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limited Liability

The products, information, content, materials, and services included on DaphneDresses.com are offered and provided on an “as is” basis. DaphneDresses.com is a use at your own risk site, where the visitor is the only party accountable unless something was performed improperly on behalf of the company. In this situation the company will assume responsibility and action will be taken.Promotional offers including Free Shipping may be discontinued without prior notice and at our sole discretion.

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